Michelle Saddic


Piano & Cello

Merula (2017)

(Plus whistling piano) Short and sweet, with a touch of mystery. Inspired by a blackbird's song.

string orchestra

You Kept Your Promise (2016)

Romantic, bittersweet strings and piano

Chamber Orchestra

The Endless Wick (2016)

A soloistic waltz featuring strings and woodwinds

Cat's Got Your Head? (2016)

Exciting horror-adventure track

9-Piece Ensemble

Twice Fell (2015)

Bittersweet piece for Alto Flute, Clarinet in Bb, Marimba, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Accordion, Violin, Violoncello, and Double Bass


Ruminations (2013)

Reflective piece for Piano and 3 Horns in F



Opacity 0% (2016)

Reflective Piano piece, featuring some improvisation

Mind on the Edge (2015)

A waltz, inspired by a vignette about a slightly mad woman, waltzing along the Seine.

Memory Lane (2015)

A 1-minute piece composed around the idea of reliving fond memories

Shredded Rain (2014)

A piece most often described as "noir," inspired by Ginastera and Debussy

String Quartet

Black, White, and Amber (2010)

Emotive, impressionist, based on the opening arco motive

The Final Flicker (2014)

An exciting blend between tumultuous and melodic. It follows a modern take on the Rondo Form (ABACABA), with evolving, rhythmically jolting A Sections; stormy triplet B sections; and a quirky, romantic C.

handbell choir

Sky Dust (2016)

Dream-like, winner of the Windy Valley Ringers 2016 Call for Scores


Left of Center (2012, 2014)

Movement 1 (2012) is fun and motivic, inspired by a Ligeti bagattele.

Movement 2 (2014) focuses more on blending sonic colors of the winds and features the horn as a soloist.